Sunday, July 4, 2010

the scrapper's block is finally gone!

its been a while!

i've been stuck with "scrapper's block", if there is such a thing..
i havent been able to complate a single layout and even left my completed background lying there for over a week before finally getting to it today!

i overlapped a piece of brown paper that i cut into the "bracket-y" shape on top of a pink polka dotted piece of paper..
then i cut the pink piece close to, but slightly larger than the brown piece and spritzed it with mini-mister to make it easier for me to tear it and fold it over the brown piece..(tip i picked up from jessy!)
it left plenty of uneven patches and some areas without any pink paper at all due to its odd shape, so i had to patch up with bits of the pink paper..

i also used:
prima angelique rub-on
white paper roses
white cardstock
martha stewart butterfly punch
silver fine detail embossing powder
large "lace" stamp
white fabric thickers
tim holtz spun sugar distress ink

on the other hand, the scrapper's block hasn't affected shopping for scrap stuff!
honestly i dont think anything can..

so now ive stocked up with plenty more projects (listed in the to-do list) i wanna accomplish asap!

and scrap-n-crop had rub-ons for last weeks thurday's thrills..25% off!
which was just in time cos ive just started a rub-on craze..
its so nice how they overlap things without completely covering them..

i love rub-ons! (:

Monday, June 7, 2010

blast from the past

so i did this layout today..

i was getting bored of the photos i had so i dug through my drawer for old photos i havent seen in a long time, and i ended up with a picture of me when i was 8!

i started off trying to layer a piece of scalloped brown paper on a yellow paper patterned with white flowers..unfortunately the scalloped page was bigger than i wanted it to be so i had to slice off the sides and glue it underneath the sheet so i would still have the scallops..

but that left me with ugly lines on my paper which were very obviously glued together ):
and in the end, i decided not to go with the scallops after all and covered it up with lace!
what a waste..

again i started with the mindset that i was going to use as many embellishments as possible..

i filled the page with lace, metal and mother of pearl buttons, chipboard buttons and stickers, cut out flowers and birdcages, pink thickers, white ink and a doiley!

i stamped the quotation onto a piece of paper that looked like a dictionary page and tried to fade out the dictionary words using gold ink..and i finished it up by distressing the paper..

i love my tim holtz paper distresser! (:

Monday, May 31, 2010

true love (:

this layout was done for my parents 23rd wedding anniversary!

nic and i dug out my mum's wedding album and grab some photos for scrapping..
i picked this photo cos its not the usual posed photo and it looks totally sweet!

this time i started with the determination to use as many of my scrap accessories as possible, in hopes of making sure it wont be flat!

i used lace, a doiley, pearls, rub-ons, studs, buttons, mambly screen prints layered on patterned papers, cut out flowers and plenty of 3d dots!

i love the vintage-y look! (:

i'm so going for jessy's vintage class (:

getting inspiration

i was really running out of ideas so i decided to go to to get some inspiration!

i found some amazing layouts there and one in particular caught my attention..i changed the colour schemes but went along with the polka dot paper, scalloped edge on its side and the ribbon at the top..

my first slightly less flat layout! finally..

i love the black cursive thickers! (:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fate of our dining table

so this is what has happened to our house so far!
this used to be our dining table, which is now divided into 3 scrap workspaces, and the closest one is mine..

my work area and my scrapping stuff..

our island which has been converted into the tool table for our zutter, slice, big shot and heat gun..

i love my scrap stash! (:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

3d butterflies!

here are a couple more layouts i did, but i dont remember when i did them..

the sand one was done on my baby photos, but turned out very flat again!

so in the next layout, i decided to steal my mum's idea (hey, at least i'm giving her credit here) of using the martha stewart butterfly punch and decorating the middle with stickles glitter and popping them up with 3d dots..thanks mum! (:

i used stick on pearls and cursive writing stamps on a piece of paper that i hand ripped..

i love the 3d butterflies! (:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

first solo layout!

well, this was my first solo layout and i decided to do one on my 21st birthday party, which was a joint party with nic for her 16th birthday..
two big birthdays at once! (:

a very flat layout using just ribbons, pearls, couple of chipboard stickers and layers of paper and a tiny mambly screen print!

i love mambly screen prints (:

hopefully i'll learn to make my layouts a little more 3d! i'm still in awe at the layouts i saw at do they do that?

it really amazes me how scrappers come up with their ideas, but i hope to get there someday! (:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

from small beginnings..

this is how it all began!

the scrapping trio (my mum, sister and i) signed up for jessy's class on mini albums and flip pull albums at papier, the curve.
nicole(my sister) and I weren't all that interested, but that was about to change!

we attended the class, made our first very own layouts and just like that, we were hooked!

jessy taught me a few techniques like folding the flowers to make them less flat and to use uhu glue to make the pearls stay exactly how i want them to..

scrapbooking was so much more fun than we thought and i fell in love with the layouts i saw at papier.

and the end of the class meant the beginning of some major shopping for scrapping materials..our dining table is currently no longer used for dining purposes and is now covered with brown paper and filled with all our scrap stuff and divided into 3 sections as each of our personal workspaces!

i love my workspace (: